Donate Furniture

We accept donations of small household goods and gently used furniture. See details below on what we accept, how to give them to us, or how to request a pickup.

Donate Household Furniture

We are unable to accept items that are torn, stained or in need of repair. Items should be cleaned/laundered prior to donation. Mattresses MUST BE less than 10 years old. Remember, only donate it if you’d give it to your child or neighbor. Donations can be dropped off at our warehouse on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays 9:00 am – noon.

Drop Off Furniture

 Please see our donation guidelines for details the types of furniture we accept.

Your donations are designed to go directly to the clients being re-homed after homelessness or catastrophic loss. Our clients generally are starting from scratch. To best serve the needs of our clients we do have size restrictions, so please be sure to carefully review.

General Information

We do not accept large appliances (small appliances needed!), lawn or sports equipement, clothing, baby items like cribs and strollers, or broken, torn, or stained items. 

Our pickup team will examine items before loading/unloading. Please be understanding if we are unable to accept. 


Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, 9 am – Noon

Schedule a Pick-Up

Our volunteers are happy to assist with a free pick-up as we have available. Schedule a furniture donation pickup online here.

  1. Remember to check our donation guidelines prior to completing the pick-up request. In an effort to best serve the needs of our clients we do have restrictions.
  2. Please click here for a full list of zip codes in which we are able to pick up.

WE ARE 100% VOLUNTEER RUN, therefore our ability to get your items picked up is dependent upon driver and truck availabilityIf you are unsure about this timeline working for you, please email OR see the Other Ways to Donate tab.

We can ONLY pick up items located ground level, in a garage, or with elevator access. (Our volunteers cannot move items up and downstairs.)

* DISASSEMBLY: We cannot disassemble furniture. Please take a picture of your item before you disassemble it, and provide the picture and assembly instructions when donating.

Pickup boundary highlighted in turquoise. If you are not within the boundary, we do not provide pickup service at your location.


Donate from Our Wishlists

If you don’t have unused household goods, check out our Walmart and Amazon Wishlists. They are always updated to reflect the current needs of Flourish and filled with the best deals! These items include small appliances, lamps, dressers, and more that don’t get donated as often.

Want to donate items Flourish can’t take? 

We are happy to partner with the The Ripple as a way to further support Flourish with items that may not be appropriate for our clients.

 How The Ripple Works:

  1. Pick Flourish Furnishings from the list of charities to receive proceeds from your item
  2. Pick an item you will give up in exchange for a donation 
  3. Pick a price someone can appreciate paying for it (credit or debit only) NO CASH!
  4. Post it, and after item has sold, 94% of the price is donated to chosen charity in seller’s name!

This is such an exciting agreement between two organizations committed to improving our community.  We hope you join us in making a difference!