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If they are closed, case managers should reschedule their clients for the next available appointment.

Flourish Furnishings

Furnishing Homes with Hope

Who We Are

Flourish Furnishings collects, prepares and distributes donated furnishings and home essentials to offer a “hand up” by meeting the household furnishings needs in Kansas City’s urban and suburban communities


It takes hundreds of volunteers for the Flourish Furnishings ministry to operate.  Many of those volunteers work tirelessly behind the scenes.  We’d love to have you join one of our teams.


Help us improve the lives of people transitioning out of homelessness and poverty in the metro Kansas City area. Help us furnish homes with hope so our clients can FLOURISH.

Client Services

We do not provide emergency resources. To ensure that our clients are provided wrap-around services and not just a “hand out,” we work exclusively through case worker referrals from metro community partners.


It takes hundreds of volunteers for us to operate. Many of those volunteers work tirelessly behind the scenes. We’d love to have you join one of our teams! Click here for a full list of volunteer roles.

Flourish Volunteer Truck Drivers

Our  team is looking for a few folks with flexible weekday schedules to help us get donations picked up. Help us ensure that no one in Kansas City goes without basic necessities. Most shifts are only 1-4 hours and offer flexibility.

Please contact michelle@flourishfurnishings.org to learn more. No CDL required.

Sewing Room Team

The Sewing Team is looking for willing hands and people who like to re-purpose and re-make things. Carpools may be available, as well as some home-based projects.

Choose from Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday 9:00 am – 12:00pm. Serve once a week or once a month – we need your hands!

Contact serve@flourishfurnishings.org for more information.

Serve as a Group
Our furnishings ministry has a variety of ways that your group can serve.

  • Sponsor a Dresser Build Event (come to our location or offsite for team building activity)
  • Sponsor an Essentials Drive Event for items such as kitchen, bath or cleaning packs or blankets, towels or pillows.  (Come to our location or offsite for a team building activity.)
  • Organize a Community Canvassing Event to help build awareness for our ministry.
  • Onsite serving- personal shopper with clients, work in stockroom and/or showroom, assist the sewing ministry, sorting of donated items, cleaning etc.

Please complete this online request and our volunteer coordinator will be in touch.

Communications Volunteer

Looking for volunteerr with experience in creating and maintaining a newsletter, website as well as analysis and creation of social media content. You would work closely with our Board of Directors and Executive Director.

For more information please contact michelle@flourishfurnisshings.org.

Help Build a Loading Dock Ramp

The loading docks at Flourish Furnishings were designed for semi trucks. Our trucks are much lower, and we are currently working from some ingenuity of several of our volunteers.

A long term solution is needed and we are hoping that someone out there may be able to assist with donation of time and/or materials to have permanent aluminum/metal ramps installed to ensure the safety of our volunteers and partners that utilize these docks to serve our clients.

Please contact michelle@flourishfurnishings.org if you have any information you may think would be helpful.

Help Form a Mattress Partnership

We are looking for a corporate partner/sponsor to assist with securing beds for our clients. Examples of this partnership include:

  • Allowing us to pick up used mattresses (and furniture) that they pick up when someone purchases a new set.
  • A wholesale supplier donating returns or overstocks.
  • A corporate sponsor who can assist with purchase of mattress sets to fill the gap between what is needed and what we receive through donations.
  • A hotelier or college dorm that may be remodeling that has items to replace and would donate the old items.

If you are one of these businesses or know someone we should connect with please email Michelle Van Pelt at michelle@flourishfurnishings.org.

In order to meet the current demand we need at least 60 mattresses/sets and 120 pillows per week!

Client Services

Clients are served by appointment only.

Individuals Needing Furnishings

Flourish Furnishings operates 100% through case worker referrals.

If you are working with a case worker ask them to make a referral on your behalf.  If you do not have a case worker please see the list of  Partner Agencies tab below . Agencies on this list are approved and have given us permission to have them listed as potential resources.  Case workers and agencies are encouraged to apply.  See the “Become a Referring Agency” tab.

Additional Organizations that may be of assistance:

Sleepy Head Beds

Become a Referring Agency

We focus on furnishing hope to those in need. Through 100% donated goods, we are able to provide an opportunity for your clients to fully furnish their new homes. Our goal is to ensure that no child or adult in the KC metro area has to live without adequate furnishings.

We provide upholstered furniture, wood furniture, beds, dining tables/chairs, linens, basic cookware/bakeware, dishware/silverware/glassware and other miscellaneous items as they are available.

Our clients can shop for their new furniture and household belongings with dignity. They have the ability to personally select their items, making the transition to their new residence feel like home. Your client will be greeted by volunteers and assigned a personal shopper to assist in the entire process.

Flourish Furnishings is one critical stop on a client’s path to healthy, stable and safe living. We could not serve our mission of “furnishing homes with hope” without your partnership in identifying the clients in need. You are our greatest asset as we locate, connect and serve the basic home essential needs of thousands in the KC metro area.

Nonprofit organizations, faith-based communities and county human services programs are vital to our ability to serve those in need. We only accept referrals from approved agency case workers. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are receiving full wrap-around services as they move toward becoming self-sustaining. We are only one piece to that puzzle. We furnish hope by offering a hand up & not a hand out.

We no longer have a “once in a lifetime served” stipulation. We recognize that there may be extenuating circumstances that may require a client to be seen more than once. We are leaving that vetting process completely up to your case workers.

We have made improvements in our process for inviting, accepting, and training our agency partners/case workers. Each year we send out an annual application to the directors of both existing and potential partner agencies. We want to serve more, and serve them better. All referral/partner information will be accessible on our website throughout the year.

We will accept applications on an ongoing basis and will incorporate those partners based on capacity of the ministry.  We’ve added a partner agency liaison. Having a dedicated team member in this role ensures that your agency is receiving the education and support your case workers need for our partnership to be successful for your clients.

We’ll be holding monthly 1-hour orientations for all referring case workers. This is an opportunity for each of you to visit our location and be fully aware of the expectations and process. Your case worker will be equipped with a client checklist, a list of what your client can expect to receive, as well as additional information that ensures your client has clear expectations and understanding of our process.

Finally, to streamline the process and eliminate barriers we now allow referring agency case workers to self-schedule their client appointments. Your case workers will have an “account” which enables them to have access to all their scheduled appointments for reference, cancellation, or rescheduling.

Ready to become a Referring Agency?

Agency Application Procedures

  1. Complete the online application. As a part of the application process review the formal ReferringAgencyGuidelines. Signature of the application indicates understanding and acceptance of the Agency Agreement.
  2. Agency director must submit a list of all case workers wishing to make referrals. Only those names submitted by the director will have an account set up for them. When case workers leave or new case workers come on staff, the director must notify us.  The director should email the following information for each case worker to rita@flourishfurnishings.org:
    • Case Worker Name
    • Case Worker Agency/branch
    • Case Worker Email
    • Case Worker Phone
  3. 1-hour orientation is required for any case manger you with to make referrals on behalf of your organization.  Oriention details can be found under Partner Resources & Info.  Orientations will be held the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 9am.
  4. Flourish Furnishings will then set up the online referral/appointment system with your caseworkers’ contact information, login and passwords. Each user will receive confirmation and instructions for using the online scheduling system.
Current Referral Partners: Resources & Info
Upcoming Case Manager Orientations

(This is only for approved partner agencies.)

Orientations will always be held at 9 am at our location in Grandview. You should plan 1.5 hours.

11971 Grandview Road
Grandview MO 64030

Entrance is DOCK side (south) in the center of the building.

  • 2020: Second Wednesday of each month, 9am

Please RSVP to clientservices@flourishfurnishings.org.

"Share our Blessings" Program

We occasionally acquire items that are unable to be utilized by our clients due to large-scale donations. In those situations we are able to extend our reach and SHARE OUR BLESSINGS in the community through additional agencies who serve populations in need.

Recipient Eligibility Criteria
  1. NEED. Organization must demonstrate that items are needed to provide furnishings through established programs. The agency must also demonstrate that they do not have funding for or means to acquire the furnishings through other sources. Priority will be given to non-profit or not-for-profit agencies serving low income individuals.
  2. ABLE TO TRANSPORT. Recipient agencies must have or be able to arrange for persons and transport vehicles to receive and transport items at their own expense from either the location from which the donation is being made or Flourish Furnishings. We do not have the capacity to store items for pick up at a later date or vehicles and volunteers to transport items to recipient agencies.
  3. SIGN AND ADHERE TO DONATIONS USAGE AGREEMENT. Applicant organizations must agree to adhere to conditions set forth in the attached Donation Usage Agreement.

Application Due Date: Ongoing

Notification Date: Within 60 days of application (our leadership team meets monthly)

Complete an online application